Version 2 (Runtime

This version introduces an initial version of the Quaternion class and make it the default for Transform:Rotate and Transform:RotateLocal.

Existing code using Transform:Rotate / Transform:RotateLocal with euler angles should either switch to Transform:RotateEulerAngles / Transform:RotateLocalEulerAngles or use quaternions.

Quaternions are mathematical objects made of four components (often named X, Y, Z and W) but you can think of them as some kind of opaque, magic object describing orientations efficiently. You can compose orientations by multiplying two quaternions (the order is important, composing A * B doesn't give the same resulting orientation as B * A).

Version 1 (Runtime

This version introduces several math classes that provide useful operations: Vector3, Ray, Plane.

Transform:SetPosition, Transform:SetLocalPosition, Transform:SetLocalScale, Transform:SetLocalEulerAngles, Transform:Move, Transform:MoveLocal, Transform:MoveOriented, Transform:Rotate and Transform:RotateLocal now take a Vector3 as an argument instead of 3 numbers.

Previously you would have written:

self.transform:SetLocalPosition( 10, 5, 3 )

The new version should read:

self.transform:SetLocalPosition( Vector3:New( 10, 5, 3 ) )

Version 0 (Runtime and earlier)Bearbeiten

First version.